Saturday, November 24, 2007


Well I went to my sister's house in eastern Oregon for Thanksgiving and had a great time especially since I recently received the results from my biopsy and it was negative for cancer. Now that's something to give thanks for. And thanks to all of you who gave me support while I was waiting - it seemed like forever!! My sister, Debbie, started a pair of socks using some of my handpainted yarn and sent me some pics today. I can't believe she made this much progress. I've finished the toe of one sock since I saw her and she's almost done with an entire sock. The yarn is working up into a really nice pattern. I can't wait so see them modeled by the woman who will be wearing them. I've been doing some handblending of fiber for spinning recently. It puts an awful lot of effort into each skein, but produces a gorgeous, complex yarn with nice color changes. The variegated gray in the pics is one of those skeins.